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Select the event you will be attending below by double-clicking on the Name of the Event. The events are listed in date order. If you cannot find your event, please contact the Service Representative @ (615) 401-1440. Note: Online ordering will be suspended 24 hours prior to the first move in date; all orders after this time must be placed on site. Make sure you provide a correct and valid email address on the Name, Address, and Payment screen. Once your order has been processed into our database you will recieve a confirming email. Payment Authorization & Fees: The Music City Center offers Visa, MasterCard & American Express as credit card payment options via online ordering. Please note that State & Local Taxes & Fees include 9.25% sales tax and 0.25% Central Business Improvement District Fee applied to appropriate categories Service Order Forms cannot be reproduced without the express written consent of the Music City Center. To receive the advanced Online rate, orders must be received a minimum of 14 days prior to the first exhibitor move-in day and correct payment must accompany the order.

Event Name


TN Law Institute 12/07/15 - 12/09/15
Santa's Sugar Plum Market 12/09/15 - 12/13/15
Progressive Insurance Nashville Boat and Sports Sh 01/04/16 - 01/11/16
FENCETECH 01/08/16 - 01/16/16
Easyriders Bike Show 02/05/16 - 02/06/16
Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South 02/07/16 - 02/09/16
TN DEPT of ED Partners in Education Conference 02/07/16 - 02/11/16
Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville 02/08/16 - 02/15/16

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